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Stop the stubborn weeds today and start having a healthy, green lawn that you can enjoy and be proud of. 

Weeds can be tricky. One product could be great on one weed, but not work good on others. At Dirt & Turf, we have the experience to tackle any problem that may arise. Dirt & Turf has created a specialized lawn care program that is built to help control weeds in New Jersey and at the same time, promote a thick lawn to help prevent them from returning. Weeds grow for a reason and many of them can point out a problem you were unaware of. Get the experience and the attention you need to achieve a healthy, green lawn that you would love for years to come. Dirt & Turf can even raise your property value! Call our dedicated experts today at (732) 673-9061.

What To Expect From Dirt & Turf’s Lawn

  1. The right products are applied. Soil is tested by Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory, telling us what the soil needs for a perfect lawn.
  2. See what is used. Pelletized fertilizer is applied and is visible after an application. Pelletized fertilizer has longer residual than liquid fertilizer, leading to better results.
  3. Weeds are significantly diminished within the 1st year or less.
  4. Lawn becomes thicker and fuller.
  5. Any issues, we have the best customer service; easy to get a hold of someone experienced and we have free service calls.

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Common Weeds In New Jersey

Annua Poa

Black Locust

Black Medic







Grape Hyacinth

Ground Ivy



Prostate Knotweed


Sandberg Bluegrass

Sow Thistle

Star of Bethlehem

Virginia Button Weed

White Clover

Based on 157 reviews
John P
John P
Pat and his team exemplify everything you want in a service company; they are professional, very responsive and most importantly, they get results! 'Ive only been using Dirt and Turf for a few months and my lawn has been transformed from a baron, patchy mix of weeds and grass to no weeds and significant new grass growth. Im surprised how quickly D&T achieved these results. Pat is extremely knowledgable and knew exactly what my lawn needed and Im confident it's only going to get better from here. 100% recommend Pat and his team.
Ramprasad Kotagiri
Ramprasad Kotagiri
Happy to see positive outcome from the lawncare program. Weeds are gone and now i see only healthy green grass in my lawn!
Aniela Sullivan
Aniela Sullivan
Very responsive and courteous.
Jude Welsh
Jude Welsh
The program they provide for someone like me who struggles with keeping up a lawn is a no-brainer. I have neighbors are jealous of the way my lawn looks ALL season long whether wet or drought conditions my lawn remains green with minimal watering. Service is outstanding and environmentally safe.
Carole Masters
Carole Masters
We have had a very good lawn with no worries since using Dirt & Turf.
James Grenafege
James Grenafege
They have a five phase seasonal schedule that addresses weed and bug control that works for me. They offer other services, such as full lawn seeding, that I may use in the future. This is my fifth season with them and I am very satisfied with the results—lawn has improved each year.
Jamie M
Jamie M
I have been using Dirt and Turf for more than 10 years. My lawn looks great! They are very reliable and helpful.