Should Fungicides be Used on Your Lawn?

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Fungicides (disease control) can save the day, but shouldn’t be the answer for winter lawn problems. Lawn fungicides are expensive and may only stop the symptoms such as browning, but not get rid of them. In addition, they only last for 14 days. Here are some common lawn diseases and tips on how to maintain a beautiful lawn all year round without fungicides.

Snow Mold

When the ground is warm and snow covers it, the moist lawn conditions may cause the growth of snow mold. The term “snow mold” covers several different types of fungal diseases formed by snow falling on a …

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5 Important Lawn Turf Diseases to Watch Out For

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Just like humans, turf grasses follow suit on the management of their health. Therefore, turf treatment practices such as irrigation, mowing, fertilization, and other cultural practices are essential regarding its well-being.

However, during winter, even the healthiest turfs are prone to damage by diseases. Consequently, it calls for lawn treatment services to mitigate and facilitate lawn disease control.

Below is a list that articulates the most common and rampant winter lawn turf diseases that could affect your New Jersey lawn.

Brown patch

It is rated as one of the most eminent diseases on cool-season grasses. It appears in circular patches with dark to purplish-green …

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Ticks and Mosquitoes A Growing Problem in NJ

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Insect Control

Don’t forget to stay protected and remember, insect control is inexpensive. At the same time, it can be done safely, it’s effective and can save lives.

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10 Lawn Care Tips for Grass in New Jersey

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Who doesn’t like a nice lawn? Having a desirable lawn not only makes a house more enjoyable, it will also raise the property value. Unfortunately, the key to success is not just a few steps. Grass is sensitive and many factors may influence how the lawn will thrive.

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Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

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Common practices could make or break your lawn. Take the necassary steps so time and money is not wasted!

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More Deer, More Ticks

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Ticks are so tiny, yet so very dangerous. It can be scary to think about while spending time in your yard! As the deer population continues to increase, so is the tick population.

Here in New Jersey, ticks are being carried closer and closer to our homes each day by deer. Not only are deer eating our plants, they are giving ticks more opportunities to find new hosts to feed on, us!

Read about how to stay safe during tick season.

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