The Powassan Virus

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Recently in New Jersey, there are two cases in Sussex county. One of the cases, the disease was fatal, while the other case is causing severe complications.

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Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

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Removing grass clippings could be costing money in more ways than one.

Grass clippings add nutrients and organic matter to the soil

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Organic Insect Control

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Those pesky bugs are out! Safely prevent insects from spoiling our summertime, Call Dirt & Turf Today!

Click here to see a funny video:

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More Deer, More Ticks

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Ticks are so tiny, yet so very dangerous. It can be scary to think about while spending time in your yard! As the deer population continues to increase, so is the tick population.

Here in New Jersey, ticks are being carried closer and closer to our homes each day by deer. Not only are deer eating our plants, they are giving ticks more opportunities to find new hosts to feed on, us!

Read about how to stay safe during tick season.

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