Neighbors, Similar Soil?

Q: Would my neighbor have a similar soil analysis?

A: They could, but most likely not.  Just about every property is different.  Here are some factors:

  1. It depends on what kind of plants and trees are on the property.  Oak trees and evergreen trees/shrubs will make the soil acidic.
  2. What a homeowner or the previous owner applied on the property throughout the years will pay a huge role.
  3. Fertilizer could even make the soil acidic and be a factor as to how much nutrients are in the soil.
  4. The way a property is sloped, leading to runoff of nutrients.
  5. Irrigation could lead to leaching of nutrients.
  6. Construction may make the soil acidic as well.  Soil a foot or more down that is disturbed and is exposed to oxygen can lead to a chemical reaction, causing soil to become acidic.  A new house being built, a pool being installed, and any kind of excavating are examples of how the soil can be introduced to oxygen for the 1st time.

Find out more about soil testing, please visit Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory.