Q:  In the summer months, what is this grass growing higher than the rest of the lawn within 24 hours of mowing?

A:  Most likely, it’s not a grass, but a weed.  A common weed in recent years with this characteristic is yellow nutsedge.  Nutsedge is a type of sedge, which are caused by an abundance of water.  “Nut” refers to the roots.  At the bottom of the roots are nuts (bulbs).  If the bulbs are not appropriately wiped out, this weed will come back each year.  Nutsedge can double in population in one year!  Many herbicides are labeled for nutsedge, but very few control it.  Every pesticide labeled for this weed will state “suppression or control of nutsedge”, you are left to figure out which one you get.  The goal is to get control, killing this weed down to the bulb.  Suppression looks like control, the plant dies, but the bulb remains intact.  A bulb that was suppressed may not send a new plant until the following year, making results of the herbicide difficult to assess.  If you take the time to spray for nutsedge one year and next summer, it is not any better or worse, use a different herbicide!  Since this is a very fast growing, fast reproducer and is only up in the summer months when you are limited at spraying herbicides in the heat, will make this a very difficult weed to control.  It may take a couple years to eradicate most of the population.  Control of this weed is included in our program, no additional charges.  We also have free service calls and this coming up in between visits is a good one to place.  The more we stay on top of it, the better control we are going to have!