Summer Patch

Dirt & Turf will try figure out what’s causing your lawn's disease. Environmental factors will often play a role. Water management and the type of grass are the most common reasons for turf disease, which is a fungus. More moisture equals more disease. Tall fescue is far more tolerant of the diseases that are common in New Jersey lawns compared to other cool season turf grasses.

Disease could brown out lawns, but won’t kill the grass. Then the infected grass will bounce back as climate becomes cooler. Keep in mind grass seed only fills in the gaps, does not replace what is there, so if the affected grass doesn’t die, similar issues could arise next summer. Treatment of disease is more expensive than fertilizer and should include the homeowner’s preference for the course of action with disease, especially if the disease keeps reoccuring.  Remember, fungicide to treat lawn disease only works for 14 days!

If a lawn is prone to disease, Dirt & Turf offers a preventative disease control program with 3 applications per year. These are 3 timed applications, depending on climate, but results are not guaranteed. Extreme weather and maintenance practices could affect how well disease control works.

A more cost effective solution for a homeowner is to purchase a granular fungicide, labeled for that specific disease and treat only the areas that are more prone to disease as problems first start to arise.

As with all pesticide treatments, always diagnose the issue, observe the surroundings, then determine the appropriate turf care measure, considering both economics and safety at the same time. Do what is practical and figure out why. Know the type of disease and the causes. What type of grass is affected? Habitat, physical, and mechanical controls should all be considered prior to use of pesticides. Chemical control should be the last option - even look into biological control before resorting to a pesticide. Using the right treatment can be safe, but economically, it may not be the right decision. The most common reasons for the disease will, most likely, cause it again and again.

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