Should Fungicides be Used on Your Lawn?

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Fungicides (disease control) can save the day, but shouldn’t be the answer for winter lawn problems. Lawn fungicides are expensive and may only stop the symptoms such as browning, but not get rid of them. In addition, they only last for 14 days. Here are some common lawn diseases and tips on how to maintain a beautiful lawn all year round without fungicides.

Snow Mold

When the ground is warm and snow covers it, the moist lawn conditions may cause the growth of snow mold. The term “snow mold” covers several different types of fungal diseases formed by snow falling on a …

5 Important Lawn Turf Diseases to Watch Out For

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Just like humans, turf grasses follow suit on the management of their health. Therefore, turf treatment practices such as irrigation, mowing, fertilization, and other cultural practices are essential regarding its well-being.

However, during winter, even the healthiest turfs are prone to damage by diseases. Consequently, it calls for lawn treatment services to mitigate and facilitate lawn disease control.

Below is a list that articulates the most common and rampant winter lawn turf diseases that could affect your New Jersey lawn.

Brown patch

It is rated as one of the most eminent diseases on cool-season grasses. It appears in circular patches with dark to purplish-green …

Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts in Winter

winter's effect on new jersey lawns

While a blanket of snow can make the landscape look cozy and inviting, lawn care in the winter can be a hassle. Not only do you have to remove the snow, but also perform furnace maintenance and necessary lawn care. Winter weather in New Jersey can be tough at times, but these simple tricks from a lawn care professional can help you out.

Winter Dos

Do Maintain Garden Care

Many people don’t think to water their lawn in the winter. While it is true that they do not need it as often, during dry spells you must be careful of their roots drying …

How to Protect Your Lawn From Deer

deer on homeowner's lawn

Whether you live in a peaceful country setting or on the outskirts of a city, you may have deer visit your lawn. Unfortunately, if you have a garden or various flowers planted in your yard, there’s a good chance the deer will go from occasional visitors to regular guests. If this happens, your lawn and its plants will be damaged or destroyed.

While deer are nice to look at, it’s best to keep them off your lawn. If you’re experiencing a deer problem (as many in New Jersey do), here are five ways we here at Dirt & Turf suggest you …

Top 5 Fall Lawn Maintenance Tasks for New Jersey Homeowners

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Everyone wants to have a lush, green lawn. But it can only be achieved through routine lawn maintenance, and listening to experts in lawn maintenance service is one of the best ways to do so. Many homeowners have at least a small patch of grass, which is one of the most difficult to maintain.

Proper maintenance is much cheaper than fixing issues that may arise later. Pay attention to the turf and consider the following fall lawn maintenance tasks:

Adequate Watering

Watering is one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy lawn. This is as important as the health of the soil …

Should I Aerate My Lawn in the Fall?

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5 reasons why you may want to aerate your lawn in the fall

The best time to carry out yard aeration is during the fall. After summer, the lawn will have incurred some damage because of the high temperatures. During the fall, you will have enough time to incorporate the necessary lawn care measures.

Some of the issues that people usually experience during the summer include:

CompactionInsect infestationExcessive moisture or drought stressDisease

Any of the mentioned issues above may have some adverse effects on your lawn. Fortunately, you can carry out your lawn aeration in New Jersey since it will contribute to your lawn’s …

How To Protect Your Lawn From Mosquitoes

new jersey lawn in the summer months

Mosquitoes start appearing around the beginning of the warm weather season. That means you may be swarmed by hungry mosquitoes after walking outside. If this has been your reality each year throughout the New Jersey summer, you know it always gets worse until the fall sets in. The good news is there are several tips you can follow to protect your lawn from mosquitoes, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without applying mosquito repellent every five minutes.

Create a Mosquito Trap

Creating a mosquito trap is a fun and inexpensive family project. You only need tape, yeast, sugar, water, and a two-liter …

What is the Best Time of Day to Water Grass?

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One of the most popular areas that homeowners tend to put their focus on is their home lawn. Not only does it provide people with a sense of accomplishment, but it actually affects the overall property value of the home. However, keeping your lawn looking great takes one important thing, and that is water.

Many homeowners often wonder, “What is the best time of day to water my grass?” That’s why we’re providing the following tips to help you determine it.

The Best Time in General

We believe the best time to water your grass is the early morning. There are two …

Summer Lawn Care Tips for New Jersey

new jersey lawn in the summer months

During the summer period, the temperatures are generally high. As a result, precipitation will decrease. People have to utilize new lawn-care tips since some challenges will arise during the summer period. In this context, we will look at how to care for your lawn this summer.

By adhering to each of these summer lawn care tips, your maintenance efforts will be more efficient and effective. You may also want to hire a professional who will be tasked with taking care of your New Jersey lawn in the summer.

The major tips that you should adhere to include the following:

1. You should not …

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Ticks and Mosquitoes A Growing Problem in NJ

Insect Control

Don’t forget to stay protected and remember, insect control is inexpensive. At the same time, it can be done safely, it’s effective and can save lives.

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