How to Protect Your Lawn From Deer

Whether you live in a peaceful country setting or on the outskirts of a city, you may have deer visit your lawn. Unfortunately, if you have a garden or various flowers planted in your yard, there’s a good chance the deer will go from occasional visitors to regular guests. If this happens, your lawn and its plants will be damaged or destroyed. 

While deer are nice to look at, it’s best to keep them off your lawn. If you’re experiencing a deer problem (as many in New Jersey do), here are five ways we here at Dirt & Turf suggest you can help protect your lawn from deer.

Have a Minimum of Deer’s Favorite Plants

Deer will come to your yard if you have the plants they love. So, we recommend you try to stay away from growing large amounts of plants like English ivy, pansies, various types of lettuce, and beans. If you don’t, you’re likely to not only have anything left in your garden or flower beds but a lawn that is severely damaged by deer. Should this happen, the experts here at Dirt & Turf can work with you on implementing lawn treatment services, such as treating your lawn with various types of fertilizer at different times of the year to get it back in top condition.

Rely on Prickly Foliage

Since deer don’t like plants of certain textures, use this lawn care technique to your advantage by planting prickly foliage, such as barberries and lamb’s ear, near the areas where you know deer are entering your yard. By doing so, they should get discouraged after a few bites and move on.

Keep Your Lawn in Great Shape

If you have a lawn where tall grass is a common occurrence, this acts as an open invitation to nearby deer. By eliminating this temptation, deer can get easily discouraged. To ensure your lawn stays in great shape so that deer look elsewhere for their meal, Dirt & Turf can perform regular lawn care services for your New Jersey property.

Have a Natural Barrier to Your Lawn

If you plant rows of large hedges such as boxwoods around the perimeter of your yard, deer likely won’t be able to see what’s on the other side and will be hesitant to jump over into the unknown.

Use Pet and People-Safe Repellents

When deciding on lawn pest control that will deter deer, always select those that are pet- and people-safe. While there are many deer repellents on the market, you may have questions about which ones are best. If you do, contact us at Dirt & Turf to discuss various lawn pest control methods and how our lawn treatment services can protect your lawn from deer.

Rather than trying out various lawn care companies to no avail, we invite you to contact our professional team at Dirt & Turf. Should you need turf care in Tinton Falls NJ, call us at 800-645-0814.

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