How To Protect Your Lawn From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes start appearing around the beginning of the warm weather season. That means you may be swarmed by hungry mosquitoes after walking outside. If this has been your reality each year throughout the New Jersey summer, you know it always gets worse until the fall sets in. The good news is there are several tips you can follow to protect your lawn from mosquitoes, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without applying mosquito repellent every five minutes.

Create a Mosquito Trap

Creating a mosquito trap is a fun and inexpensive family project. You only need tape, yeast, sugar, water, and a two-liter bottle. First, cut the top of the two-liter bottle and place it inside the bottom half of the bottle, upside-down. Second, utilize the tape to secure the two halves which is how you will trap the mosquitoes.

Third, mix one teaspoon of yeast with one cup of sugar, and one cup of hot water. Fourth, pour the mixture down the top of the trap so it fills the entire bottom of the bottle. Finally, set them outside in various parts of the yard and be amazed as to how the mosquitoes flock to the trap than to your skin! They will enter the trap, in search of the sugar-mixture, but not escape.

Inspect Your Gutters

Gutters are an ideal location for mosquito breeding, especially if you have not cleaned them out in a while (such as in the winter). It does not take a lot of debris to create gutter blogs and standing water. Remember, a new generation of mosquitoes can mature in less than two weeks, so time is crucial. By cleaning your gutters, you are also allowing for proper flowing and drainage of water so mosquitoes cannot create a nest.

Maintain Your Pool

Although most swimming pools contain chlorine which kills mosquito eggs, if you do not regularly maintain it, the pool can become a huge breeding ground. A simple form of mosquito control is to keep your pool covered overnight and add the required chemicals to ensure it is clean. This should be part of your regular mosquito control throughout the summer. But for the most effective results, we recommend hiring a lawn care service to take care of your pests.

Remove Any Standing Water

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters is one piece of larger lawn insect control strategy that also includes the removal of standing water in your yard. To deposit their eggs, mosquitoes require standing water and there are plenty of places this can occur, especially following a storm. Luckily, the process is as simple as walking around your yard and looking for any items that have or can retain water. The most common items include:

● Birdbaths
● Buckets
● Flowerpots
● Tires
● Toys
● Wheelbarrows
● Setup Bug Lights

You can win back your porch or deck this summer by installing bug lights. With your mosquito control strategy, these lights emit a yellow light that mosquitoes and other types of insects do not like. While the light does not repel mosquitoes, they do not attract them like conventional bulbs. This coupled with other lawn insect control measures will do the trick.

Mosquitoes can be a major pest and put a damper on your summer days and summer nights. You have maintained and manicured your yard so it may be enjoyed by you and your family. It is a shame to not be able to have those cookouts, pool parties, or just enjoy a quiet night under the stars because of mosquitoes. By implementing these lawn insect control tips, you can take back your yard and enjoy it throughout the warm weather!

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