Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts in Winter

While a blanket of snow can make the landscape look cozy and inviting, lawn care in the winter can be a hassle. Not only do you have to remove the snow, but also perform furnace maintenance and necessary lawn care. Winter weather in New Jersey can be tough at times, but these simple tricks from a lawn care professional can help you out.

Winter Dos

Do Maintain Garden Care

Many people don’t think to water their lawn in the winter. While it is true that they do not need it as often, during dry spells you must be careful of their roots drying out. Most winters this should not be an issue. From December through February, there is no need to fertilize, so you can often cease many of your lawn care services in the winter.

Do Cut It Shorter

Rats and mice find a long lawn a tempting place to hide in the winter. Long grass blades provide excellent cover for them to build nests and hibernate. Prevent this from happening by keeping the lawn well-maintained, not too long. DO NOT mow grass below 3 inches and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at once.

Do Keep Off It

One of the most important pieces of lawn care involves marking the boundaries between grass and pavement before the snow starts to fall. This can help you avoid walking on your lawn. It keeps the snow from packing and becoming harder to thaw in the spring. You can do it yourself or hire a lawn care professional. Walking on grass when the ground is frozen cracks the crown of grass blades, which will leave brown footprints once the temperatures warm up. Please avoid walking on grass during very cold temperatures!

Do Check for Pests

You may think of pests as being a summertime threat, but as any lawn care professional can tell you, winter can bring its own set of lawn care requirements to deal with. It is important to ask a lawn care specialist in your Tinton Falls or Middletown community to come out and check for them.

Winter Don’ts

Don’t Shovel the Grass

The layer of fluffy snow that covers a lawn will not hurt it. Instead, it will form a protective coating that can insulate the grass and keep it well-hydrated. Removing this layer with the sharp edge of a shovel will result in dry spots as well as cause damage to individual blades.

When large plows and regular cars come down your street, they can push snow onto your property. Avoid damage to your more delicate plants by placing them away from the street.

Don’t Use Salt

Sodium-based products (rock salt) are commonly used to melt snow away from pathways on a property. However, the chemical composition of salt is not good for the nutrients absorbed by the roots off your grass. Instead, try sand or something based on calcium chloride.

Ask a Lawn Care Professional in New Jersey

It’s always smart to go to the professionals for questions about proper lawn care. If you live in MonmouthOceanMiddlesex, or Union County, reach out to our team at Dirt & Turf! We provide aeration, insect control, fertilization, and a variety of other lawn care services.

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