Should I Aerate My Lawn in the Fall?

5 reasons why you may want to aerate your lawn in the fall

The best time to carry out yard aeration is during the fall. After summer, the lawn will have incurred some damage because of the high temperatures. During the fall, you will have enough time to incorporate the necessary lawn care measures.

Some of the issues that people usually experience during the summer include:

  • Compaction
  • Insect infestation
  • Excessive moisture or drought stress
  • Disease

Any of the mentioned issues above may have some adverse effects on your lawn. Fortunately, you can carry out your lawn aeration in New Jersey since it will contribute to your lawn’s long-term health. Some of the reasons why you should carry out yard aeration include:

Aeration Will Help to Regenerate the Root System

You may be interested in learning more about when to aerate your lawn. You are supposed to aerate your lawn during fall since it will contribute to the regeneration of the root system. The roots are responsible for delivering supplies such as water, oxygen, and other nutrients that usually support the plants’ lives. For the roots to grow, they need enough oxygen. Aeration will ensure some channels have opened up, and the roots will get enough oxygen. Also, they will get enough water.

Aeration Helps the Seeds to Take Root

While applying grass seed, you should carry out aeration. The aeration will help to ensure the new seeds in the seedbed can take root easily.

Aeration Will Make It Easy to Alter the Soil Chemistry

If you want to change the soil chemistry in your lawn, you should utilize lawn care techniques such as aeration. For instance, you may carry out soil testing and realize nutrients are deficient such as calcium. To introduce calcium, you should carry out aeration. The aeration will ensure the soil can absorb the calcium directly. Such a technique is effective compared to when you apply the nutrients on top and wash it with a significant amount of water.

Aeration Helps to Oxygenate the Microbes Present in the Root Zone

The microbes that reside in the root zone require a significant amount of oxygen. The microbes usually eliminate the waste and also deliver different nutrients to the plant. Without the microbes, the plants cannot survive. As a result, the microbes can get enough oxygen by carrying out the lawn aeration process.

Aeration Will Help to Get Rid of the Thatch

To get rid of the existing thatch effectively, you can try out aeration. The thatch usually appears because of large amounts of water and huge amounts of nitrogen that is water-soluble. If there exists an excessive thatch in your lawn, you should carry out yard aeration for at least one year.

Always keep in mind that aeration is quite intense, and you should ensure that the lawn has enough time to heal before the summer. The main reason why we have mentioned summer is because there are many environmental challenges during that season. After grass seeding, the lawn should be given at least six weeks to recuperate.

Some of the major factors to consider include the type of grass in your lawn. For instance, if you have planted Bermuda grass, it will start to harden during fall. The best solution is to ensure the lawn has been aerated during the late summer.


We have looked into five reasons why lawn aeration is important during fall. The advantages of aeration during fall outweigh the demerits. If you are concerned about the appearance of your New Jersey lawn, you should consider aeration. The aeration will help to come up with an environment that is suitable for growth. In the long run, the lawn will recuperate, and it will have an appealing appearance.

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