Summer Lawn Care Tips for New Jersey

During the summer period, the temperatures are generally high. As a result, precipitation will decrease. People have to utilize new lawn-care tips since some challenges will arise during the summer period. In this context, we will look at how to care for your lawn this summer.

By adhering to each of these summer lawn care tips, your maintenance efforts will be more efficient and effective. You may also want to hire a professional who will be tasked with taking care of your New Jersey lawn in the summer.

The major tips that you should adhere to include the following:

1. You should not cut too much

When you cut the grass too much, the leaf blade will be stressed. As a result, the grass may become brown due to the high temperatures experienced during the summer season in New Jersey. It is advisable to maintain a long blade height. The long grass will shade the soil. After watering the lawn, the slow evaporation will come in handy. Weed seeds cannot grow easily. The longer blade height also ensures that the root depth is deeper. You may also seek lawn care services in New Jersey. By hiring a professional like those at Dirt & Turf, you will have help cutting the grass at the recommended height.

2. Seek Professional Help When in Doubt

Besides taking into consideration tips regarding lawn care in summer heat, you may want to seek professional help whenever you are in doubt. At times, the grass may turn brown during summer, and that is an indicator that you have not been watering the lawn appropriately. The good thing is that such an issue is reversible.

3. Water the Lawn Well Early in the Morning

The watering routine that you will utilize when taking care of your lawn in summer is dependent on the current weather conditions. In this case, proper summer lawn care requires you to water the lawn once every four days. You should also ensure that the water has soaked well in the soil.

Lawn care in summer heat requires you to water the lawn early in the morning since it will not evaporate easily as compared to other times in the day. For instance, when you water the lawn in the afternoon, most of the water will evaporate because of the high temperatures. You can also water the lawn in the evening to ensure the lawn remains wet throughout the night. The main issue with watering the lawn in the evening is that you may create room for fungal diseases.

4. Maintaining Your Mower

If you are wondering about how to take care for your lawn in summer, you should consider maintaining your mower. There are different types of mowers in the market. Without proper maintenance, the mower cannot give a proper cut.

If you are not conversant with how to care for your lawn in summer while also maintaining your mower accordingly, reach out to us regarding our lawn care services in New Jersey.

The main focus is on ensuring that the mower blade is in good condition. You may consider procuring professional lawn services in New Jersey in a bid to ensure that the mower blade is sharpened well. A bent or chipped blade should be replaced immediately.

5. The best way to relieve summer stress, is core aeration

Add seed with aeration to replenish any lost grass and add starter fertilizer to feed the seed and promote root growth. All 3 applications together make for the perfect 1-2-3 punch to victory! Whether you are starting from scratch or trying to get back to where the lawn was before the summer, core aerationseed and starter fertilizer together, make up the most efficient and economical service to attain these goals.

6. When Fertilizing or Seeding, water well

When fertilizing or seeding during the summer months, you’ll want to ensure the grass is being watered just as consistently. Applying fertilizer will help to encourage root growth. If you are not in a position to ensure the lawn is watered consistently, it’s best to hire a professional lawn care company to ensure everything is taken care of.

Final Thoughts

If your grass is not healthy regardless of the adverse weather conditions experienced during summer, you should ask about our services at Dirt & Turf! Our professionals will offer summer lawn care tips and offer advice on how to control pests such as grubs. They will also help you to get rid of any troublesome weeds this summer.

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