Fertilizer Program For New Jersey Lawns

Optimizing Your Lawn Fertilizer Care For Lush Greenery

When it comes to achieving a vibrant and healthy lawn, strategic fertilizer care is essential. Begin by understanding your soil’s composition and the specific nutrient requirements of your grass type. Conduct a soil test to determine nutrient deficiencies and tailor your fertilizer application accordingly. Whether you opt for granular or liquid fertilizers, timing is crucial. Applying fertilizer during the growing season ensures that your grass absorbs nutrients effectively, promoting robust root development and lush greenery. By customizing your lawn fertilizer care based on your lawn’s unique needs, you’ll pave the way for a resilient and visually stunning outdoor space.


Seasonal Fertilization Guidelines for New Jersey Lawns
In New Jersey, the timing of fertilizer applications plays a crucial role in promoting the health and vitality of lawns throughout the year. For cool-season grasses prevalent in the region, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and perennial ryegrass, the optimal periods for fertilization are fall and spring. Fall fertilization, typically in September through November, is particularly important in New Jersey. During this period, grass roots are actively growing, and applying fertilizer helps them absorb essential nutrients, leading to a stronger and more resilient turf. Spring fertilization, around April to early June, supports the grass as it emerges from winter dormancy, providing the nutrients necessary for vigorous early-season growth.


  • In the summer, under harsh conditions, the benefits of this lawn care program may go unnoticed unless your lawn receives a sufficient amount of water. Most summers, your water bill shouldn’t be astronomical if you have the correct practices (ask about watering details). Overwatering may be worse than no water!

  • It is also essential to keep a close eye on the lawn when the heat is on. Often, brown spots are mistaken for drought when it is a fungus/disease or insect. When browning is visible, please don’t hesitate! Call Dirt & Turf immediately; we offer FREE service calls. Whenever we are at your property, we will put any recommendations on your invoice, but a lot can happen between each application.

  • Evergreens and oak trees affect soil pH, along with rain, but the fruit of oak trees, acorns, wreak havoc. Acorns will deteriorate lawns when an abundance falls from trees and are not cleared in a timely matter. Not only that, squirrels bury acorns after we seed. After you fill in the divots with more seed in the spring, the squirrels will then dig that area again to eat the acorns. As well as similar trees with nut-like fruit, oak trees can often win a battle with grass, but most trees will not cause harm to grass if adequately maintained.

  • Watch out for wet fallen leaves. Wet leaves can smother grass in one week!

  • On average, trees need pruning every three years. Branches straight out or angled downward will thin out the grass directly underneath the canopy.

  • Dogs can leave spots during the summer months. These spots are overly fertilized, which is what urine (urea) consists of. Not many of us have time to water down our best friend’s favorite spots. Instead, try giving them an alternative by placing a fake fire hydrant or fake plants away from the grass. This will help prevent over-fertilization of any one particular area in your yard.



Crabgrass Prevention with Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control


Fertilizer with Grub Control* & Weed Control


Crabgrass Prevention with Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control


Enhanced Lime with Humic Acid & Spot Weed Control


Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control


Winter Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control

Post-Treatment For Your NJ Lawncare.

All of our fertilizer is granular and needs water to activate. The fertilizer falls right down to the soil. It will not be a risk for children/dogs, and the lawn may be used shortly after the application. The fertilizer won’t even conflict with lawn mowing. Spot weed controls are used with a liquid. If any weeds are present, allow up to an hour to dry after treatment.


Navigating Local Climate Variations for Fertilizer Success
New Jersey’s diverse climate, spanning from the coastal areas to inland regions, adds a layer of complexity to fertilizer timing. Coastal areas tend to have milder temperatures, allowing for slightly earlier fertilization schedules, while inland areas might experience cooler temperatures for a more extended period. It’s essential for New Jersey homeowners to adapt their fertilization schedule based on local weather conditions and grass type. Monitoring soil conditions and employing a soil test to determine nutrient deficiencies can further refine the timing and type of fertilizer needed, ensuring a precise and effective approach to lawn care.

Environmental Considerations for Responsible Fertilization Practices
In New Jersey, as in many regions, responsible and environmentally conscious lawn care is gaining importance. Consideration must be given to local regulations regarding fertilizer use, as well as environmental factors like water runoff into the nearby water bodies. To minimize environmental impact, it’s advisable to choose slow-release fertilizers, which provide a steady nutrient supply to the grass over an extended period. Additionally, avoiding fertilizer application before heavy rainfall can help prevent nutrient runoff. By aligning fertilization practices with the specific needs of the local environment and adapting to seasonal and regional variations, New Jersey residents can ensure a healthy and attractive lawn while contributing to sustainable and responsible lawn care practices.

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John P
John P
Pat and his team exemplify everything you want in a service company; they are professional, very responsive and most importantly, they get results! 'Ive only been using Dirt and Turf for a few months and my lawn has been transformed from a baron, patchy mix of weeds and grass to no weeds and significant new grass growth. Im surprised how quickly D&T achieved these results. Pat is extremely knowledgable and knew exactly what my lawn needed and Im confident it's only going to get better from here. 100% recommend Pat and his team.
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Ramprasad Kotagiri
Happy to see positive outcome from the lawncare program. Weeds are gone and now i see only healthy green grass in my lawn!
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Aniela Sullivan
Very responsive and courteous.
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Jude Welsh
The program they provide for someone like me who struggles with keeping up a lawn is a no-brainer. I have neighbors are jealous of the way my lawn looks ALL season long whether wet or drought conditions my lawn remains green with minimal watering. Service is outstanding and environmentally safe.
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Carole Masters
We have had a very good lawn with no worries since using Dirt & Turf.
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James Grenafege
They have a five phase seasonal schedule that addresses weed and bug control that works for me. They offer other services, such as full lawn seeding, that I may use in the future. This is my fifth season with them and I am very satisfied with the results—lawn has improved each year.
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Jamie M
I have been using Dirt and Turf for more than 10 years. My lawn looks great! They are very reliable and helpful.

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