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Mowing & water will have just as much of an impact as the lawn care program itself.

Please mow at a minimum height of 3 inches. That does not refer to the setting on the lawn mower, instead the height of the grass blades after it is mowed. 3.5 inches is great and 4 inches is even better.

Soil type: Loamy to clay soil, depending on proximity.

Suggested watering schedule: The recommended watering schedule for the town of Aberdeen-Matawan is 15-20 minutes per zone, everyday. If the land is flat and the soil is more clay-like, 30 minutes of water every other day could work as well.
*If sprinkler heads rotate a full circle, the duration may have to be increased

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The Town of Aberdeen-Matawan, New Jersey

Aberdeen and Matawan are located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
Aberdeen has roughly 18,000 residents and Matawan has about half that amount at just under 9,000 residents. Both towns are considered dense suburban living areas. Both towns are a safe place to live. Most residents are young adults and families. The residents tend to be friendly and family oriented. The two towns have a joined sense of community.

The Aberdeen and Matawan townships share many aspects with one and other. The Matawan – Aberdeen Regional School District serves both towns from elementary school through high school. The towns also share the public library, Matawan – Aberdeen public Library. The two towns offer plenty of shopping, restaurants, and outdoor adventures.

Cheesequake State Park is located within Matawan. For anyone interested in spending time in the great outdoors, this is the place to go. There are lakes for fishing, crabbing, and swimming, miles of trails for walking or biking, areas for picnics, and camping. There is plenty of wildlife to see and nature to explore.

In the early 1900’s Matawan Creek was the sight of a shark attack. There have been several documentaries on this attack throughout the years. Some even believe the first jaws movie was inspired from this attack.

Henry Hudson Bike trail runs through several parts of Monmouth County. This trail is 22 miles and goes through both Aberdeen and Matawan. The trail runs along highway 36. The trail offers a paved path and beautiful scenery.

Cliffwood Beach was a popular tourist spot in Aberdeen. In 1960 Hurricane
Donna hit and destroyed the area. The beach lost all its amusement and boardwalk. Today, Cliffwood Beach is known as “the forgotten resort”. The beach area has been cleaned up and new playgrounds and basketball courts have been installed.

There are many reasons people choose to live in Aberdeen or Matawan. The
close-knit community seems to be the top reason followed by the beautiful nature sights around the towns. To maintain the beauty of the town, many homeowners turn to lawn maintenance. Dirt and Turf offers a fertilization program that is made for shore town lawn issues. The program treats issues before they start to maintain a green lawn. This in turn will raise a home’s value therefore increasing the community value. If you live in the Aberdeen and Matawan area and are interested in more information reach out to Dirt and Turf.