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Mowing & water will have just as much of an impact as the lawn care program itself.

Please mow at a minimum height of 3 inches. That does not refer to the setting on the lawn mower, instead the height of the grass blades after it is mowed. 3.5 inches is great and 4 inches is even better.

Soil type: Manalapan shifts to clay-like soil the more west you are in New Jersey. The soil in some areas of Manalapan may have some grit, helping with drainage. Since Manalapan soil isn’t 100% clay, there is some flexibility to watering schedules in this town.

Suggested watering schedule: The recommended watering schedule for the town of Manalapan is 15-20 minutes per zone, everyday. If the soil is more clay-like, 30 minutes of water every other day could work as well.
*If sprinkler heads rotate a full circle, the duration may have to be increased.

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The Town of Manalapan, New Jersey

Manalapan is located within Monmouth County, New Jersey. The town is approximately 31
square miles and has roughly 40,000 residents currently. The Lenape language translates Manalapan to
“land of good bread”. That may be a perfect way to describe the town that has so much opportunity,
history, and beauty.

Manalapan offers suburban living, but with a short drive, residents have access to New York City
and the Jersey Shore. That alone makes Manalapan a highly desirable area. The residents tend to own
their homes, to find a rental home is difficult. There are many thriving farms that have been passed
down from generations, but majority of the homes are single family homes. Manalapan is a family
friendly town.

Homes in Manalapan range from just under $200,000 to over $1,000,000. There are plenty of
ways to increase a home’s value. But did you know that by improving your lawn, you not only increase
the value of your home, but also add to the curb appeal? Dirt and Turf Specializes in lawn fertilization
and insect control. The lawn fertilization program will control weeds while repairing the grass. The
results of treatment will be a luscious green lawn for your family to enjoy.

There are many places within Manalapan worth visiting. The first place recommended is Pine
Brook Golf Course. This is a beautiful course within a senior community but is open to all age golfers.
The next place to visit is Monmouth Battlefield State Park. This historic sight has been preserved after
the American Revolutionary War took place here. Its nature is breath taking and it holds so much
historical knowledge. The third place to visit is Lake Manalapan. This lake is excellent for fishing. The
main types of fish people catch here are largemouth bass, bluegill, and rainbow trout. Finally, making a
trip to a local park, restaurant or shopping center would be a great family bonding time.

Manalapan is a wonderful spot in New Jersey. It captures history and modern life within one
community. The area is safe and inviting for everyone. People of all ages will enjoy living in Manalapan
for many years to come. Location is key for many and with so much at hand everyone can find comfort
here in Manalapan.