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Mowing & water will have just as much of an impact as the lawn care program itself.

Please mow at a minimum height of 3 inches. That does not refer to the setting on the lawn mower, instead the height of the grass blades after it is mowed. 3.5 inches is great and 4 inches is even better.

Soil type: Point Pleasant has very sandy soil, drains very well, but dries very quickly.

Suggested watering schedule: The recommended watering schedule for the borough of Point Pleasant is 15-20 minutes per zone, everyday. Since the soil is very sandy, during extreme heat, lawns may have to be watered twice in one day. The 2nd watering would be 12 hours later.
*If sprinkler heads rotate a full circle, the duration may have to be increased.

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The Town Of Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Point Pleasant is in Ocean County, New Jersey. It is divided into two sections, Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant Borough. Just under 19,000 people live in Point Pleasant Borough while only a little over 4,000 live in Point Pleasant Beach. Most homes in Point Pleasant Borough are lived in year-
round however, most homes in Point Pleasant Beach are summer or second homes.

Point Pleasant Beach is the home of the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. It offers rides, games, the beach and ocean access, food, shops, an aquarium, and plenty of fun. People come from all over during the summer months to visit the beaches and boardwalk. One of the year’s most popular events is the
Sea Food Festival held each year in September.

There are many interesting facts about the history of Point Pleasant. Kirsten Dunst was born in Point Pleasant in 1982. There was a TV called “Point Pleasant” but, didn’t last beyond 2005 when it aired. During World War II, they would take down the hotels in Point Pleasant for wood and other raw
materials needed. In 1915 The first permanent boardwalk was built. The town added to it until it eventually was the length of the entire beach. But over the years and many hurricanes later, the boardwalk is now about a mile long.

Much of the Point Pleasant area tends to have sandy soil. This causes fast drainage and little water retention. Watering times will need to be adjusted as the temperatures change to keep the soil conditions optimal. In extreme heat, grass will need to stay hydrated, and require more frequent watering. We can help identify soil types, soil needs and water equirements to help make your lawn look its best.