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Mowing & water will have just as much of an impact as the lawn care program itself.

Please mow at a minimum height of 3 inches. That does not refer to the setting on the lawn mower, instead the height of the grass blades after it is mowed. 3.5 inches is great and 4 inches is even better.

Soil type: Roselle is typically clay soil, but may vary.

Suggested watering schedule: The recommended watering schedule for Roselle, NJ is 30-40 minutes per zone, every other day. If property is sloped, cut duration in half and increase frequency to everday watering.
*If sprinkler heads rotate a full circle, the duration may have to be increased.

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The Town of Roselle, New Jersey

Roselle is a borough in Union County, New Jersey. The total population is
around 21,000. Roselle is just over 2.5 square miles in size. There is very little water in comparison to land, roughly only 0.013 square miles.

Roselle was designed as part of an experiment to test out electric in 1883.
Thomas Edison decided to use this town to show that every house in a community could run off electricity. The first ever electric company formed and installed overhead power lines to every building. After great success, the electric company began to spread electricity to other surrounding towns. Eventually, every town had power.

In 2002 Roselle became part of the Urban Enterprise Zone. This offers incentives to build up and bring businesses into the town. Business’s get financial breaks and customers get a lower tax percentage while shopping locally. It also offers opportunity for more employment for the local people.

Soil identification is important to provide adequate lawn care. There are at least 11 different soil combinations in Roselle. The slope ranges somewhere between 0% and 15% through out the town. The Urban section of Roselle has a slope range from 0% to 45%. The slope of the land has a great impact on the drainage. Almost 80 acres of land in Roselle is prone to flooding. Within a short distance soil properties can vary greatly. The soil type and slope combination will determine how often water your property. This can vary from one neighbor to the next and even one portion of your yard to another. A proper water schedule is needed to prevent issues such as heat stress and disease. Our technicians can tell you what conditions exist on your property and what is best for your yard.