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Mowing & water will have just as much of an impact as the lawn care program itself.

Please mow at a minimum height of 3 inches. That does not refer to the setting on the lawn mower, instead the height of the grass blades after it is mowed. 3.5 inches is great and 4 inches is even better.

Soil type: Wall has sandy soil, drains very well, but dries quickly.

Suggested watering schedule: The recommended watering schedule for the town of Wall is 15-20 minutes per zone, everyday. Since the soil is very sandy, during extreme heat, lawns may have to be watered twice in one day. The 2nd watering would be 12 hours later.
*If sprinkler heads rotate a full circle, the duration may have to be increased.

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The Town of Wall, New Jersey

Wall township is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. In 1851 Wall became an established town. Currently, over 26,000 people live here. The White Dogwood Blossom is the official Wall Township tree. Homes in Wall are on average around $500,000. The area is suburban and offers a lot to its

Wall township is a very safe place to be. There is a strong police department and low crime rates. The School District has high ratings and is raved about from members within the community. There is great diversity in the age groups living in wall. The township is extremely family friendly, yet a comfortable place to retire.

The recreational department in Wall is one of the best around. They offer a great variety of sports and training camps for all ages. There are several parks, nature walking, and bike trails around the town. One of the most popular places visited by people all over New Jersey is Allaire State Park. They have something to entertain everyone here. They offer multiple hiking and bike trails, camping, fishing, nature center, museum, and even a shopping village. There are always new activities and events going on through out the year. This is a must visit for anyone who comes to Wall.

There is around 31 square miles of land in Wall Township. Nature is one of the reasons people like to be here so much. Wooded areas are known to home ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. However, these pests do not stay in the woods, they move all over. These insects can cause many health issues
that can last a lifetime as well as be an annoyance when trying to enjoy your yard. Dirt & Turf can help control all the pest around your home with both organic and non-organic options. Both of our options are pet and kid safe.