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Throughout the years, naturally, soil becomes compacted, making it more difficult to have a healthy lawn.  Any kind of traffic from people, dogs, and/or lawn mowers can make the soil even more compacted.  Air space becomes limited, retarding root growth, which will lead to the retrogression of your lawn.  Compaction is the greatest on the the top layer of the soil, 1 to 1 1/2 inches in depth.  This service will relieve 2 to 3 inches deep to increase the air, water and nutrient exchange needed to have a beautiful lawn.  Core aeration is recommended every other year or if you desire a thicker lawn, it’s worth doing with seed.  If a lot of traffic takes place, core aeration may be recommended more often.

When core aeration, seed and starter fertilizer is combined, this is the single best service for your existing lawn and it is the most economical way of establishing a thick lawn. This service is recommended in the months of September and October. Dirt & Turf has competitive prices with top of the line products and services.

Dirt & Turf uses tall fescue grass seed.  Tall fescue is by far the most durable cool-season turf grass, both in the sun and the shade, and still looks great!  In the past, tall fescue used to be a type of grass that grows in clumps and if the lawn wasn’t thick, the blades would get extra wide.   It was only used because of its durability.  Not anymore!  Not clumpy, nice green and even more durable.  Tall fescue is the only cool-season turf that is drought tolerant and disease resistant. Each year, farmers continue to genetically improve characteristics of grass seed, which has made tall fescue the best choice of grass seed in New Jersey.  Not only is this a premium seed blend, you will be receiving plenty of it! We put enough seed down for you to have a perfect lawn in 4 to 5 weeks after this process.  If after a month, that’s not the case, we’ll figure out why.

Starter fertilizer will also be applied and that would add phosphorus to your soil to feed the seed for better results.

Benefits of core aeration:

  • Reduces compaction of soilLawn Care Treatment Services Toms River
  • Diminishes weed growth
  • Relieves stress caused by drought
  • Breaks down the thatch layer
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Enhances effectiveness of products
  • Improves oxygen and nutrients availability
  • Promotes seed results
  • And much, much more

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